Wolf Moon 2019

Tonight is the first full moon of 2019.  It is also a Super Blood Wolf Moon, which is rare and amazing.  The January moon is known as the Wolf Moon, sometimes the Old Moon.  This one is “Super” because it is at the perigee, the point of orbit closest to the Earth, appearing larger because it is closer.  It is a “Blood” moon because tonight is a full Lunar eclipse, and the moon glows red.  All three phenomena at once — Super, Blood, and Wolf is why this is a rarity.

From our home in Northern California, the moon is eclipsing as I write this.  Outside is cold and wet, and the moon is visible between cloud banks in the night sky.  We have a fire literally crackling  in the fireplace, with radiant embers keeping us warm.  Our Siberian Husky, looking more than ever like a white wolf, stays out of the fire’s warmth.  He was a rescue found roaming the mountains of Utah and is the most dignified dog I have ever known.  Majestic comes to mind.  Wolf like.

The moon is tinged red now, washed in the reflection from the Earth’s atmosphere.  Still, it is strange and unsettling to see the full moon glowing the color of the embers, like an orb of fire hanging in the sky.  So many peoples, so many cultures, have watched these moons over the millennia, reading omens in the stars and planets.  In these skies we see our past, our present and our future.  The Universe unfolds before us.

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