What Planet is Our Home?

What planet is our home?  [No, this is not a trick question.]  Earth is our planet and the only home we have.  Science fiction thoughts of origins and futures aside, Earth is at this moment the only home we have.

As Stewards of this Earth, we are facing a huge challenge.  If any of us treated our houses as we treat this Earth, we would be living shoulder to shoulder, knee-deep in putrid waste, and slowly asphyxiating for lack of air.  Harsh, yes, but unfortunately true.

Our oceans are warming 40% faster than we thought even five years ago.  95% of all old growth redwoods have been cut down, and Greenland (which is 80% pure ice) is melting more than twice as fast as was predicted just a few years ago.  If Greenland melts, the seas will rise a full 23 feet.  50% of the world’s population lives on our planet’s coasts. Just imagine the devastation!And this doesn’t begin to deal with the already-accelerating issues of hurricanes, wild fires and the climate-related catastrophes of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis.

My point?  We are Stewards. Our job is to protect this planet and all life upon it.   We at Johnny Outlander, in conjunction with all other Stewards and animals who share this planet which is our home, need to step up, reach out, and do the job that has been ours since the dawn of time.

Find a way home to your destiny.  It is time. We are in this together.

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