Is It Too Late?

I was just asked if it is too late. Is it too late to help the planet, to save the animals, to save ourselves? Is it too late for the Stewards to recognize ourselves as such, to step forward and work together to change the course of the tidal wave of greedy consumption, blistering intolerance and monumental self-entitlement that is reaching tsunami proportions? No. It is not too late. This is no time to abandon ship to the doomsayers or knuckle under to those who abuse their real or assumed power. Life is hope, and where life exists so does hope. Remember: bumblebees can fly, even though by the physics of aerodynamics it is impossible for them to do so.  Statistics are just numbers; they do not take into account the human spirit, and that of all sentient creatures. Life and the power of love is the most amazing and powerful force in the Universe. It defies all scientific paradigms.

As Stewards we must live in the present, not in the triumphs or failures of the past. One might say that every animal, every plant, every soul is counting on us to step forward, to do our jobs. We are many. It is incorrect to think that we are some small clique. We come in all sizes and shapes, all sexes, all national origins, all races, all religions and all educational levels. What binds us together is that we are Stewards and somewhere in our minds and souls we know that our purpose here is to protect and preserve our Earth. It is important to realize we do not stand alone. We stand with all other Stewards, remembering our birthright and our responsibility. And beside us are all the animals of this world who have waited for us to remember, who will help us in any way they can. We are all partners in this endeavor. Together, we can create our future.

It is time we do.

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