Why “Outlander”?

The word “outlander” conveys a mystery and strangeness not existing in words like “foreigner” or “outsider.”  It has become increasingly prevalent in our English-speaking culture, even beyond the movies, books, television and computer games that so entertainingly employ it.

The very last thing that I wrote for Johnny Outlander before submitting it for publication was the following:

“For more than a thousand years, in Wales and environs, those who were strangers or without land have been known as ‘outlanders.’   These strangers never quite fit in with the native peoples, never quite belonged, and the appellation followed them wherever they roamed.  In time, it became their identity.”

These words caught the imagination of everyone!  They were picked up on and quoted, at least in part, by all who have written about the book.

Why then Outlander?  Because it speaks to our loneliness, our isolation, our search for ourselves and our place in a world that too often feels without anchor or reason.  In this respect, we share this identity.  We are Outlanders.

Welcome to the world of Johnny Outlander

This blog is in response to all of the readers who have asked me to provide more information about Johnny Outlander and about myself.  As a private person, this is a new experience for me.  The journey ahead is an adventure that will unfold in real time and, in some ways, I am as much a passenger as are you.

Johnny Outlander has been “branded” a science fiction novel about an outcast young man, who carries a secret from his childhood and who, at the beginning of this story, embarks on a journey which will take him to a destiny he could never have imagined.  It is also the story of many others who have ahead of them similar journeys home to their own destinies.  People like you.

Over the course of this blog we will learn about each other, about why you have always known you were different, and about just who you might really be.  You will learn about a world that could only be imagined, about a past that you share with honor, and about a future you will help to create.  It is an awesome journey, so read Johnny Outlander, sit back, and let us begin.

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