Answering the Questions: Johnny Outlander

Welcome again to the Johnny Outlander blog!  Some very interesting people have asked some interesting questions.  Here is a quick set of answers.  The Q&A:

What is Johnny  It is the name of the website for the book Johnny Outlander. 

Who is Johnny Outlander?  Johnny Outlander is the lead character in the book of the same name.

What is it about?  Johnny Outlander is the story of a young man who is a loner, an outsider, an “outlander,” who finds his identity and his destiny in a strange town in Northern California where he discovers everything from huge redwood forests and grudge-bearing wolves to a futuristic DNA research center.

Is the character based on a real person?  Check this one out for yourself.  See the book’s dedication.

The term “Steward” keeps appearing in the blogs.  What is that?  This is the name given to all humans whose lineage goes back to the first caretakers on Earth, and is based upon the supposition than Man’s true purpose on this planet is to protect and sustain all animals and all life upon it.

Are Stewards real?  Yes!


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